Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 Mistakes to avoid when applying for a UK student visa

The British government still active with the policies and activities in order to attract high-quality students from non-European countries. However, the phenomenon of abuse of foreign students to the UK visa policy work instead concentrate on academic career forced the British government to review the existing immigration policy.

According to information from the British Council, UK announced a number of changes to student visa policy, including: the new rules of English language proficiency, financial and Health check and interview required.
Some of the main causes leading to the denial of visas including:

Profile is incomplete or misleading information

You need to prepare at least 3 months before admission to avoid visa extended review than normal, affecting learning. Furthermore, the early well prepared to facilitate the visa you are applying for the second round if the first round fails. However, the preparation of a complete dossier is also a major problem, especially when students with no experience and understanding of the processes and procedures for visa.

You should visa carry full academic papers such as diplomas, transcripts, IELTS or simply information on enrollment confirmation letter (CAS) is incorrect. This proves that you do not have a well prepared and time-consuming for staff to receive visas UK records.

Finance unsatisfactory

The most important factor to be granted a student visa is to demonstrate financial, indicating that you can afford to study in the UK for the duration of the course. The fundamental error is often seen as insufficient savings book open, at least 28 days, certified bank balance before applying the visa applicants and granted a month when not enough savings accounts at least 28 days. In addition, savings accounts due to visa students or parents of students new names have proven financial value.Open a savings account with gold, stocks or value stocks may not demonstrate financial value.

Interview unsatisfactory

The student visa application to the UK to face requests undergo tests mandatory interview, conducted by the UK Border Agency (UK Border Agency - UKBA). If signs of false papers or not easily express wish to study English as well as undergoing tests basic conversational English, they may be denied a visa. The students interviewed also can not be denied entry to the UK if they do not give the reason.

If the interview does not know the information about courses, schools, housing in the UK, giving false information, such as interviews memorized, you can be denied a visa. The interview questions revolved around trade issues as simple as: student information, learning objectives and the ability to meet the financial requirements to study in England. The goal of the interview to check the truthfulness of the students, and students with sufficient English skills to meet the immigration law.

To overcome this interview, you need to be prepared carefully targeted and clear study plan, answer questions fully, avoid using answer simple "yes" or " not "to be honest, especially when participants interviewed.

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