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Reversing carbon losses and reducing nitrous oxide emissions from soil in agricultural lands are important components of global greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation strategies. In this Postdoctoral Fellow role, you will be working with scientists from CSIRO’s Sustainable Agriculture Flagship in collaboration with Dr Daniel Wallach of the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) in France to quantify and partition the sources of uncertainty in models that simulate soil-plant-climate interactions. These models are being developed to estimate the soil GHG emissions and the potential for managing these emissions.

Your expertise in Bayesian hierarchical modelling will complement existing skills being used as part of this project including simulation modelling of agriculture systems and spatial and computational statistics. You will be responsible for creating a framework to marry deterministic complex systems modelling with advanced statistical techniques to allow for the partitioning of uncertainties between different drivers of GHG emissions – thus identifying where in the process the greatest impacts on GHG emissions can be made.

This project lies within an area rich in computational and methodological research challenges which will provide you with rewarding postdoctoral experience. In this position you will be given opportunities to develop innovative solutions to real problems and apply them to a project of global relevance. You will build your research profile through publications and conference attendance. The position will also provide you with a range of opportunities and experiences to build your capacity as a researcher. This includes working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, with international, industry and government collaborators to deliver project outcomes.

This postdoctoral fellowship, funded by the Science Investment Endowment Fund, provides postdoctoral fellows with a range of training courses including ones focused on scientific paper writing, project management and personal development. This postdoctoral fellowship comes with AU$30K additional funding each year from CSIRO to cover operating, travel (i.e. conferences, visits to Dr Wallach of INRA) and training, including the courses mentioned above.


Dutton Park, Brisbane, Australia

Salary: AU$81K - AU$88K per annum plus up to 15.4% superannuation (effective 4th July 2013)
Tenure: 3 year term
Ref. No: Q13/01875

Requirements of the successful candidate will include: 

A PhD degree (or shortly to complete) in a relevant scientific discipline such as statistics, biostatistics, physics or mathematics with strong experience in Bayesian modelling;
Excellent computing skills and proficiency with statistical packages such as R or Matlab or numerical packages such as C or C++, including the ability to program new methods;
Experience with applying your computing skills in large multi-core computing environments and proficiency in operating across multiple computing platforms and software environments;
Strong written and oral communication skills including the ability to publish research results and make scientific presentations to audiences with scientific and non-scientific background.

Further Information

Application Deadline : 14 June 2013

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