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New First-Year Student Scholarship List at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Contact Information : 

Admissions Office at (715) 346-2441 or


Priority consideration is given to admitted students who submit the Scholarship Application Form by January 15, 2015.

Scholarship Name​ and Criteria

UWSP Freshman Scholarship​Top 10% of high school class
Community Involvement
Leadership ​
Renewable : No 
​​​​$ Per Award​  : $1,000

Student Government Association/US Bank Academic Scholarship​ACT of 25 or higher with GPA of 3.25 or higher, OR
ACT of 25 or higher with top 25% of high school class ​
Renewable : No 
​​​​$ Per Award​ : $1,000

Student Government Association/US Bank Inclusive Excellence ScholarshipPreference given to applicants with ACT of 23 or higher, with GPA of 3.25 or higher OR class ranking in top 25%
Demonstration of commitment to support individuals from diverse backgrounds
Leadership Potential
Community and/or high school service activities ​
Renewable : No 
​​​​$ Per Award​ : $1,000

Leroy “Larry” Bishop Memorial Scholarship​Top 1/3 of high school class
GPA of 3.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
Evidence of student activity involvement
Demonstrates leadership qualities
Potentially renewable if 3.0 GPA is maintained ​
Renewable : Yes ​​
​​​​$ Per Award​ :$800

David A. Brandt Memorial Scholarship​Antigo High School graduate
Must demonstrate potential for success in college
Demonstrates leadership qualities
Evidence of student activity involvement
In need of financial assistance (FAFSA submission required) ​
Renewable : No​​
​​​​$ Per Award​ : ​Amount Varies

Jerome and Barbara Bushman Scholarship​Wittenberg-Birnamwood high school graduate
Top 15% of high school class OR GPA of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) OR ACT of 24 or higher
Potentially renewable for eight (8) consecutive semesters if 3.0 GPA is maintained 
Renewable : Yes
​​​​$ Per Award​ : ​Amount Varies ​

​Leah Brueckner Memorial ScholarshipGPA of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
Well-rounded high school career ​
Renewable : No
​​​​$ Per Award​ : Amount Varies $100-$500​

​Marion Brazeau Fey ScholarshipDisplays ability to succeed
Involvement in community and high school service activities
Wisconsin resident 
Renewable : No​ ​​​
​​​​$ Per Award​ : $500

​Chancellor’s Choice Scholarship
Top 10% of high school class
GPA of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
ACT of 25 or higher ​
Renewable : No​ ​​​​​​​$ Per Award​ :  ​​​Amount Varies

​Karen Engelhard Alumni ScholarshipMajor in education
Wisconsin resident
Potentially renewable if 3.0 GPA is maintained and recipient is accepted into the School of Education when eligible ​
Renewable : Yes ​​​
​​​​$ Per Award​ :  ​​​$1,500​​​

​Golden Sands Ruffed Grouse Society Scholarship
Top 15% of high school class OR GPA of 3.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)
High school within 35 miles of Stevens Point (Portage County residents given preference)
Major in Resource Management, Wildlife Ecology, Fisheries & Water Resources, Soil & Waste Resources or Forestry. Conservation Biology minors may also apply ​
Renewable : No ​​​
​​​​$ Per Award​ :  $500​ 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

What is the difference between Associate Degree and High school Diploma Completion

Associate Degree: Certificate of Completion program community college (Community College), also known as dual study. This program requires student complete high school and community college for two years at aged 16 and older. And then students can continue  go to university in the United States. .Many Americans choose a community college to reduce costs. In two years attending Community College, students must complete 90 credits (credits) to get by Associates Degree (AD),meet the requirements of many workplaces.If you are not going to do this right away or want to learn more, students with Associate Degree may enroll university . 

Diploma: Vocational training programs, this is a certificate issued after completion of the course at a professional training school to ensure students fully skilled engineering practice in a field specific areas. This certificate is issued to students who complete the program does not require a degree and usually only lasts a year or less. This certificate is only used for the engineering industry or profession.Conditions are also quite easy to study, students only need a high school diploma or equivalent is enough. However, there are also a number of other sectors such as accounting, students should have a basic knowledge of other newly enrolled. 

Why choose a community college student? 

6/10 students in American choose community colleges (dual study) for low fees. We can say it is also the most fundamental reason for the choice of the middle-class families. Average tuition community colleges around 9000-11000 USD. This figure is only 50% compared with the four-year universities. Thus, students can reduce the total cost by the first two years at community colleges.  On the other hand, the entry requirements are also quite flexible in order to create the most favorable conditions for students.
Unlike universities, community college student assessment criteria and have separate intensive English program for students who need English skills increase. Therefore, most cases do not require TOEFL, IELTS, SAT when admission. Entry requirements for academic and lower than the four-year university. Typically, the input of students just reached high school GPA of 7.0 or above for TOEFL iBT 61 or IELTS: 5.5. Students who do not qualify will learn more ESL program after admission.

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Scholarships VNĐ 402 million of the Edenz College

Edenz College was founded in 1987, is located in the heart of Auckland City - City are lining up a 1 in 4 most liveable cities in the world. Edenz always proud to be a mainstream school, high-quality, long history and is recognized as one of the quality of education in New Zealand's reputation.
reputation increasingly Edenz students, students International and Vietnam in particular not only by the quality of teaching, but also by the degree team of enthusiastic staff, always willing to help you in any situation, as well as learning activities when away from home . particular, has a staff Edenz Marketing Vietnamese people in charge of Vietnam to help Vietnam students whenever they are in trouble, especially the first time when the new child through New Zealand.

* Specialized training and the opportunity to add:
Currently Edenz are offering college courses with specialized "Hot" for convenience in obtaining employment in New Zealand both before and after the course with specialized and diverse curriculum: Business Administration, Human Resource Management, International Marketing, Accounting, Economics Tourism, Information technology - Economic, hotel and restaurant management. Major movie ... Especially for students enrolled in college-level specialized medical, sports, schools will offer the program "Food episode" course for students with incomes 13 NZD / now, 20h/tuan and the entire holiday period.

* Visa to stay after graduation:
All graduate students are working one year visa extension program of the 2013 special education EDENZ college: Scholarships Tags: ENGLISH scholarships worth up to 2,880 NZD (Equivalent to 50 million VNĐ ) for the course English course 16 weeks + 1 week scholarshipcourse 20 weeks + 4 weeks Scholarship Course 25 + 5 weeks scholarships week course 32 weeks + 8 weeks scholarships

Scholarship Program Keywords: RESERVE UNIVERSITY
Edenz is proud to be the only open credit Massey University Foundation course in economics.Massey University is one of the public universities top of New Zealand, is ranked in the top 299 top 500 universities in the world in 2011. Massey University is an important part of the education system Education of New Zealand, Massey University has campuses across the country with 19,000 students domestically and internationally, in addition to more than 18,000 college students from afar. Massey University is the leading university in the field of science and social sciences, design, education, economy. In that economics majors is the largest university in the country. Massey is proud to have trained many scientists, managers, and damh good leader has worked in many areas of the country and internationally. Scholarships college preparatory 14,500 NZD - Equivalent to 252 million VNĐ * Conditions: Completion of Year 11, 12 in Vietnam GPA:> 6.5 * Special: English courses Fellowship + key 24 weeks 30 weeks Foundation worth 402 million VND * Condition: Finish language courses England 24 weeks Achieve proficiency equivalent to IELTS 5.5 EDENZ encourage good students with incentives: IELTS 5.0: $ 12,000, IELTS 5.5: $ 10.500
College scholarship program:
Completion of grade 12
GPA:> 7.0

* Special: Fellowship 22 week English course + 1 year colleges courses worth 390 million USDConditions:
The completion of English 22 weeks
Achieve IELTS equivalent to 5.5
EDENZ encourage good students, scholarships: $ 5.500 for superiority daii: IELTS 5.5: $ 12,000, IELTS 6.0: $ 10.500
Sang second year all students first year will be reduced by a discount only $ 6000 instead of $ 14.500 After 2 year diploma program (NZDB level 6) graduates with professional qualifications B of 6/10 can finish a degree program within 1.5 years of tuition at $ 16,000 / year) * Tuition incentive programs and postgraduate University: Bachelor Programme in Business Administration: Duration: 3 years Condition: TNPTTH, IELTS: 6.0 Tuition: $ 16,000 / year. While other universities range: $ 23,000 / year program graduate professional management and accounting (Level 7): For students graduating in any major public and to the degree 2 Graduate Diploma (level 7) in Management or Accounting: For students who have graduated from college (any industry o) muon in 2 Diploma Duration: 1 years Tuition: $ 16,000 / year. While other universities range: $ 23,000 / year

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Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships in Australia

University of Sydney

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is offering a limited number of scholarships to outstanding international students undertaking a postgraduate coursework Master degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. These scholarships cover the tuition fees for the duration of the course. Students have received an unconditional offer of admission to a Master degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are provided in the faculty of arts and social sciences offered by the University of Sydney in Australia.
Course Level: The scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate degree level at the University of Sydney in Australia.
Scholarship Provider: University of Sydney Australia
Location: Australia
Applicants must:
-have received an unconditional offer of admission to a Master degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. This means that applicants must have met the Faculty’s English language requirements, as well as academic admission requirements. For information on English language requirements.
-have a minimum of 7.0 IELTS (overall) or equivalent if they are from a non-English speaking background
-be commencing postgraduate study at the University for the first time
-be a citizen of a country other than Australia or New Zealand, and may not hold permanent residency in Australia
-NOT be in receipt of any other tuition fee scholarship
Scholarship Open for International Students: International students can apply for this scholarship.
Scholarship Description: The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers a limited number of scholarships to outstanding international students undertaking a postgraduate coursework Master degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. These scholarships cover the tuition fees for the duration of the course.
Number of award(s): Limited number of scholarships to outstanding international students undertaking a postgraduate coursework Master degree in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.
Duration of award (s): Scholarship is offered for the duration of the course.
What does it cover? These scholarships cover the tuition fees for the duration of the course.
Selection Criteria: There is strong competition for these scholarships. Selection is primarily based on academic merit, including excellent results in the applicant’s English language test where applicable. Applicants must also provide a statement regarding why they want to undertake their chosen program and what they hope to achieve following graduation.
Notification: Not Known
How to Apply: There is no application form for these scholarships. If you wish to apply, please complete and attach a personal statement with your application for admission to the International Office. This personal statement should set out your academic and extra-curricular or professional achievements, and outline why you want to undertake your chosen course and what you hope to achieve following graduation.
Scholarship Application Deadline: Students intending to enroll in Semester 1, 2014 should check this website regularly for updates. The deadline for applying for the International Postgraduate Coursework Scholarship is yet to be confirmed but usually falls towards the end of October.

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Scholarship Created in Memory of Inderkum Athlete

THE NATOMAS BUZZ | @natomasbuzz
The family of athlete and recent Inderkum High School graduate Dylan Akins has created a scholarship fund in his memory.
“For him being such a young and promising person in our mind, we want to be able to keep his memory alive and honor him,” said Akins’ stepfather Gary Stoll.
Stoll said the scholarship fund will target student athletes who are well-rounded academically and involved in community service and who plan to go on to college.

Dylan Akins’ football jersey #75 was retired during a candlelight vigil held July 14, 2013 in his memory.